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(Or: how much one can get out of drawing circles)


Our Stellar Neighborhood (Part I-a: 25 l.y. away)

The following rotating stereograph shows stars neighboring our own from a 25-l.y.-away perspective.

If you have a slow modem connection, some of the image-frames in the rotating sequence above might appear jerky. Just be patient until the entire animated gif is loaded; then the animation should appear smooth.

Not all stars are labeled, to avoid cluttering the image. For example, the little red dot which rotates at almost the same height like ksi Bootis is 61 Cygni. If you look carefully, you will see several faint reddish dots around the Sun, at a distance not farther than Sirius. These are the various red dwarfs shown in previous stereographs (Barnard’s, Wolf 359, and many more). As mentioned before, such red dwarfs should be all over the place, not only around Sun, but it is only those which are close to us which we can detect and measure their distances accurately.

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