Giant Walking Stick

Phobaeticus serratipes

This is the longest insect (but not the largest one in weight & volume: see Malaysian Walking Leaf), reaching a length of 24 cm (9.5 in)! Its tail had to be left out of the frame in the picture above, if any detail around its head and legs was to be shown. Males are shorter, reaching 17 cm. Found in Western Malaysia and Singapore. An earlier name for this species was: Pharnacia acanthopus.

This picture was taken at the Cincinnati Zoo, in May 2001.

Detail from the first picture showing head and 1st pair of legs.

Subfamily Phasmatinae
Family Phasmatidae
Order Phasmatodea
Superorder Orthopteroids
Subclass Neoptera
Class Insecta
Subphylum Uniramia
Phylum Arthropoda
Kingdom Animalia
Life on Earth