Crater-nest Ant (?)

Conomyrma sp. (?)

We are not sure what kind of ant this is. It was 8 mm long, and of light reddish-brownish color (lighter than seen in the picture). According to our book, the range of crater-nest ants is west of the Mississippi river, south of the California-Oregon border, but we found it roaming the walls of our house in Indiana! However, no other ant in our book matches this one. (The book is: "National Audubon Society's Field Guide to North American Insects & Spiders".) If the reader can recognize this species, please email us!

Family Formicidae
Order Hymenoptera
Superorder Holometabola
Subclass Neoptera
Class Insecta
Subphylum Uniramia
Phylum Arthropoda
Kingdom Animalia
Life on Earth