Red Lory

Eos bornea

The Red Lory is endemic to Indonesia. Its natural habitats are tropical moist lowland forests and tropical mangrove forests. This bird feeds on nectar, fruits, and berries. Ocasionally it also takes small insects. As in all lories, the tongue is adapted with a brush-like tip which enables the bird to collect pollen and press it into a form suitable for swallowing. Because of their feeding habits, lories play a major role in the pollination of trees and flowering plants. Acrobatic, they like hanging upside down, sometimes for hours at a time.

The above picture was taken in the Attica Zoological Park, Athens, Greece, in June 2007.

Genus Eos
Subfamily Loriinae
Family Psittacidae
Order Psittaciformes
Class Aves
Subphylum Vertebrata
Phylum Chordata
Kingdom Animalia
Life on Earth