Maned Wolf

Chrysocyon brachyurus

The Maned Wolf is the largest canid of South America. It is found in open and semi-open habitats in south-eastern Brazil, Paraguay, northern Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru. Its long legs are probably an adaptation to the tall grasslands of its native habitat.

This wolf has a distinctive black mane that is erectile. It is used to enlarge the wolf's profile when threatened or when displaying aggression. Maned wolves are monogamous. The male and female live solitary lives and come together only during the breeding season, but they share defended territories.

The Maned Wolf does not form hunting packs. It hunts alone, and specializes in small mammals (like rodents and hares), birds, and even fish. Its diet also includes vegetable matter such as sugarcane, tubers, and fruit.

The above picture was taken at the Artis Zoo of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in July 2005.

Genus Chrysocyon
Family Canidae
Superfamily Canoidea
Order Carnivora
Subclass Eutheria
Class Mammalia
Subphylum Vertebrata
Phylum Chordata
Kingdom Animalia
Life on Earth