Green-winged Macaw

Ara chloroptera

The Green-winged Macaw is the most common of the large macaws. It lives in tropical forests and swamps in Central and South America, including Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Guyana and Trinidad.

These macaws eat nuts, fruit, berries, seeds and some vegetable matter. They have very powerful beaks which can generate very strong pressure and can crush or break open even the hardest nuts and seeds

They are frequently seen in pairs or family groups and occasionally gather in small flocks of six to twelve birds. They are shy birds and are difficult to see in foliage. Usually only heard within the forest, Green-winged Macaws will fly off making loud screeches when alarmed.

The above picture was taken in the Attica Zoological Park, Athens, Greece, in June 2007.

Genus Ara
Subfamily Arinae
Family Psittacidae
Order Psittaciformes
Class Aves
Subphylum Vertebrata
Phylum Chordata
Kingdom Animalia
Life on Earth