Spotted Cucumber Beetle

Diabrotica undecimpunctata

This spotted cucumber beetle was arrested while strolling on our window at home, in Bloomington, Indiana. When we saw it we were excited because we thought we discovered a different kind of ladybug! But later dad found out that it belongs to another family, chrysomelidae, while ladybugs are coccinellidae (although they are both in the same order: coleoptera - beetles). Dad had to hold one-third of its legs, as shown in the picture, because it was a very agile little creature. These beetles are well-known as pests, producing some damage to crops in North America. They have twelve spots on their body, six on each side. But then, why the latin name of the species is undecimpunctata which means "eleven-spotted"? Probably because the two front-middle spots are sometimes joined, appearing as one. Go figure.

Family Chrysomelidae
Superfamily Chrysomeloidea
Suborder Polyphaga
Order Coleoptera
Superorder Holometabola
Subclass Neoptera
Class Insecta
Subphylum Uniramia
Phylum Arthropoda
Kingdom Animalia
Life on Earth