Index of Birds

This is the subset of our general index of the Foundalis Zoo that includes just the birds.

A check-mark in column "Classified" means the species can be found through our graphical classification. Else, we do not know exactly where it belongs, or did not have the time to construct those areas of our zoo, yet.

All of our pictures are copyrighted by the curator. Any use for commercial purposes without the consent of the copyright-holder is prohibited. Feel free to use our pictures for educational purposes.

Common Name Our Picture Sound Classified Date entered
Amazons: White-fronted, Red-lored,
Blue-fronted, Yellow-crowned, and
  2007, Nov
Budgerigar   2008, Aug
Cassowary, Double-wattled   2002, Nov
Cockatiel   2007, Dec
Cockatoos: Galah, Sulfur-crested
Salmon-crested, Major Mitchell’s,
Goffin’s, Little Corella, and Palm

  2001, May
Conures: Sun, Patagonian, and Nanday   2007, Nov
Ducks: Mallard, American Wigeon,
White-cheeked Pintail, Pink-eared,
Philippine, African Black,
Hottentot Teal, and White-backed
see also: Whistling Ducks

  2002, May
Eagle, Bald   2000, Dec
Emu   2000, Dec
Flamingos: Greater, Lesser
Chilean, Andean, and Puna

  2000, Dec
Geese: Canadian, Greylag, Egyptian,
Cape Barren, Emperor, Hawaiian,
Red-breasted, Barnacle, Snow,
Swan, and Bar-headed

2003, Mar
Hamerkop   2007, Dec
Hornbills: Great, and Rhinoceros   2003, Dec
Ibises: Scarlet, and American White   2001, Jun
Kestrel, American 2000, Dec
Kiwi, North Island brown 2005, Jul
Kookaburras: Laughing,
and Blue-winged
2004, Jan
Lories: Blue-eared, Collared, Black,
Red, Brown, Chattering, Purple-naped,
Black-capped, and Dusky

  2007, Nov
Lorikeets: Rainbow, and Papuan   2003, Oct
Lovebirds: Masked, Madagascar, and
  2007, Nov
Macaws: Scarlet, Blue and Yellow,
Green-winged, Military, Buffon’s,
Blue-throated, Chestnut-fronted,
and Hyacinthine

  2001, Feb
Magpie Goose   2007, Sep
Moa (extinct)   2002, Oct
Ostrich   2000, Dec
Owl, Great Horned picture not ours   1999, Dec
Parakeets: Plum-headed, Slaty-headed,
Rose-ringed, Long-tailed, Burrowing,
Sun, Nanday, Horned, and Alexandrine

  2007, Nov
Parrots: Red-winged, African Grey,
Eclectus, Australian King, Superb,
Blue-crowned Hanging, Hawk-headed,
Thick-billed, Red-capped, Hooded,
Scarlet-chested, and Budgerigar

  2007, Nov
Penguins: King, Emperor, Magellanic,
Rockhopper, Gentoo, Chinstrap,
Adelie, African, Humboldt,
and Fairy

2001, Dec
Pheasant, Golden, and
Lady Amherst's
  2003, Dec
Rhea, Greater, and Darwin's   2002, Oct
Rosellas: Crimson   2007, Dec
Screamers: Northern or Chavarria,
and Southern or Crested
  2007, Oct
Secretary Bird 2002, Nov
Spoonbill, Roseate   2001, Jun
Swans: Black, Trumpeter,
Mute, Black-necked,
Whooper, and Coscoroba

2003, Mar
Whistling Ducks: Plumed, Fulvous,
Black-bellied, and White-faced,
and White-backed

  2007, Sep

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