Index of Insects and Other Arthropoda

This is the subset of our general index of the Foundalis Zoo that includes just the insects and other creatures in Phylum Arthropoda.

A check-mark in column "Classified" means the species can be found through our graphical classification. Else, we do not know exactly where it belongs, or did not have the time to construct those areas of our zoo, yet.

All of our pictures are copyrighted by the curator. Any use for commercial purposes without the consent of the copyright-holder is prohibited. Feel free to use our pictures for educational purposes.

Common Name Our Picture Sound Classified Date entered
Ant, Crater-nest (?)     2000, May
Cicada, Dogday Harvestfly 2000, Feb
Damselfly   1999, Aug
Hermit Crab, Terrestrial   2000, Jul
Ladybug, 19-spotted   1999, Aug
Polyphemus Moth     2000, May
Spotted Cucumber Beetle   1999, Nov
Walking Leaf, Malaysian   2001, Jul
Walking Stick, Giant   2001, Jul
Wheel bug   1999, Nov

Last Update: 11/23/06

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