Family Scincidae

Note: A table appears below instead of our usual zoo areas because there is a large number of genera -- too many to be shown pictorially. All known genera of Family Scincidae are listed below. Scroll down in the page to see the species included in our zoo.

Genus species / common name Genus species / common name
Ablepharus Ocellated Skinks Leptosiaphos Five-Toed Skinks
Acontias Greater Legless Skinks Lerista Sliders
Acontophiops Woodbush Legless Skink Lioscincus New Caledonian Skinks
Afroblepharus Dwarf Skinks Lipinia Lipinia Skinks
Amphiglossus Common/Water Skinks Lobulia Lobulia Skinks
Androngo Greater Burrowing Skinks Lubuya Ivens' Skinks
Anomalopus Worm Skinks Lygisaurus Litter Skinks
Apterygodon Borneo Skink Lygosoma Writhing Skinks
Asymblepharus Lidless Skinks Mabuya Typical Skinks
Ateuchosaurus Oriental Ateuchosaurus Macroscincus Cape Verde Giant Skink
Barkudia Madras Spotted Skinks Marmorosophax  
Bartleia Bartle Frere Cool Skink Melanoseps Limbless Skinks
Bassiana Cool Skinks Menetia Dwarf Skinks
Brachymeles Short-Legged Skinks Mesoscincus  
Caledoniscincus New Caledonian Skinks Mochlus Fire Skinks
Calyptotis Calyptotis Skinks Morethia Morethia/Fire-Tailed Skinks
Carlia Rainbow Skinks Nangura Nangur Skink
Cautula Rainforest Cool Skink Nannoscincus Elf/Mulch Skinks
Chabanaudia   Neoseps Sand Skink
Chalcides Barrel Skinks Nessia Nessia Skinks
Chalcidoseps Thwaite's Skink Niveoscincus Cool-Skinks
Coeranoscincus Snake-Toothed Skinks Notoscincus Soil-Crevice Skinks
Cophoscincopus Keeled Water Skinks Novoeumeces Berber Skinks
Corucia Prehensile-Tailed/
Solomon Islands Skink
Oligosoma Common (New Zealand) Skinks
Cryptoblepharus Shinning Skinks Ophiomorus Snake-Eyed Skinks
Cryptoscincus Secret Skink Ophioscincus Snake Skinks
Ctenotus Ctenotus Pamelaescincus Gardiner's Skink
Cyclodina New Zealand Skinks Panaspis Snake-Eyed Skinks
Cyclodomorphus Oak Skinks/ Bluetongues Papuascincus Papua Skinks
Dasia Dasia Skinks Parachalcides  
Davewakeum Miriam's Skink Paracontias Stone Skinks
Egernia Spiny Skinks Paralipinia  
Emoia Whiptail Skinks Parvoscincus Diminutive Skinks
Eremiascincus Sand Swimmers Phoboscincus Garnier's Skinks
Eroticoscincus Elf Skink Prasinohaema Green Tree Skink
Eugongylus Sheen Skinks Proablepharus Soil-Crevice Skinks
Eulamprus Five-Fingered Skinks Proscelotes Slender Skinks
Eumeces Five-Lined Skinks Pseudoacontias Giant Madagascar Skinks
Eumecia Western Serpentiform Skinks Pseudemoia Window-Eyed Skinks
Euprepes Serpentiform Skinks Pygomeles Short Skinks
Eurylepis Elf Skinks Riopa  
Evesia Bell's Skink Ristella Ristella Skinks
Feylinia Feylinids/Limbless Skinks Saiphos Three-Toed Skink
Fojia Fojii Skink Saproscincus Shade Skinks/ Litter Skinks
Geomyersia Australian Island Skinks Scelotes Dwarf Burrowing Skinks
Geoscincus (Bar-Lipped) Skink Scincella Smooth Skinks /Ground Skinks
Glaphyromorphus (Bar-Lipped) Skinks, Pygmy Tree Skinks Scincopus Banded Skink
Gnypetoscincus Prickly Forest Skink Scincus Sandfish
Gongylomorphus Bojer's Skink Scolecoseps Limbless Skinks
Gongylus Thick-Tailed Skinks Sepsina Savannah Burrowing Skinks
Graciliscincus Sadler's Skink Sigaloseps  
Haackgrerius Haacke-Grier's Skink Simiscincus  
Hemiergis Earless Skinks Sphenomorphus Forest Skinks
Hemisphaeriodon Pink-Tongued Skink Sphenops Sandfish
Isopachys Isopachys Skinks Tachygia  
Janetaescincus Janet's Skinks Tiliqua

Blue-Tongued Skinks

adelaidensis Adelaide Pygmy Bluetongue  
gerrardii Australian pink tongued skink  
gigas Giant Bluetongue Skink  
multifasciata Centralian Bluetongue  
nigrolutea Blotched Bluetongue  
occipitalis Western Bluetongue  
rugosa Shingleback Skink  
scincoides Common Bluetongue,
Eastern Bluetongue,
Northern Bluetongue
Lacertaspis Lidless Skinks Trachydosaurus Pine Cone Skinks
Lacertoides   Tribolonotus Helmet Skinks
Lacertus Eared Skinks Tropidophorus Keeled Skinks
Lamprolepis Emerald Skinks Tropidoscincus New Caledonian Whiptailed Skinks
Lampropholis Sunskinks Typhlacontias Western Burrowing Skinks
Lankascincus Tree Skinks Typhlosaurus Blind Legless Skinks
Leiolopisima Ground Skinks Voeltzkowia Burrowing Blind Skinks

Infraorder Scincomorpha
Suborder Sauria
Order Squamata
Class Reptilia
Subphylum Vertebrata
Phylum Chordata
Kingdom Animalia
Life on Earth