Game of Life: a Java Applet with Autodetection of Patterns

This is the "main" page of an applet for cellular automata, employing autodetection of patterns (color-coding and counting of patterns with known properties). The program was written using Borland's JBuilder for Java.


Introduction: What is the Game of Life? Take a tour of the most important and interesting patterns here
Yet Another Implementation? Why offer this program? What features this program provides
Cool Universes: Experiment with interesting cellular automata rules (other than Conway's)
The Architecture: [Link not ready yet] See what architectural decisions have been made in this implementation


Listed below are some web pages that played a role in the development of this program (links in nearly alphabetical order).

Johan G. Bontes Life32 program. Freeware for Windows 95/98/NT (works in all newest Windows platforms, too). This is my "standard" for the Game of Life. It was used both as a model for this interface, and for answering any question I had in this domain. Clearly the highest quality CA program for the Windows platform, to the best of my knowledge. (If you disagree, please let me know!)

David I. Bell's home page. Includes many of his programs for UNIX (X11 graphics) and Linux, articles, and archives of patterns. Bell is the author of two articles on other cellular automata universes (Day&Night, and HighLife) that I have illustrated (see the Cool Universes page), and the creator of some patterns offered by this applet.

Paul Callahan's pages, with animated figures, a glossary (by Alan Hensel, see below, which I adopted in the introduction page), an illustrated catalog of patterns (also by Alan Hensel), and more resources. Callahan is also the creator of some patterns offered by this applet.

David Eppstein's pages, including databases of gliders and replicators in various universes. Also includes a critique of Stephen Wolfram's classification of cellular automata, and Eppstein's own classification.

Achim Flammenkamp's pages, with a link to Xlife-3.5, a program written in C for UNIX (X11 graphics), and lots of other interesting information. He gives patterns in GIFs without a grid, though, and that makes it a bit hard to input them to a program. Flammenkamp is the creator of some patterns offered by this applet.

Alan Hensel's superfast applet. Clearly the fastest way to run Life patterns on the web much faster than this one! Hensel is also the creator of some patterns offered by this applet.

Dean Hickerson's pages, with plenty of patterns designed by him, several of which appear among the patterns offered by this applet. Unfortunately his patterns are not animated, so you'll have to use a copy-and-paste method to see them running (e.g., you copy from his pages and paste in a program such as Bontes' see first link).

Andrew Trevorrow's program, shareware for Macs, which does many of the things this applet can do, plus it can search for Methuselahs, and a few more things.

Mirek Wojtowicz's page and his MJCell program: an applet that allows experimentation in various CA universes. Here is his CA rules lexicon.

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