A universe with spontaneous creation of a puffer and spaceship


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In this universe a spaceship and a puffer occur spontaneously and commonly. The universe is contracting, ending in a debris of oscillators and still lives.

Figure 1. The puffer (left) and spaceship (right) that occur spontaneously

(If you are not already familiar with how to interact with our figures, please note that you can start/stop the figure by clicking once on it, and reset it to its original configuration by dragging with your mouse anywhere on its surface.)

Here is our suggestion for what to do with the program, below. Move your mouse somewhere close to the top-left corner in the black space, click and hold it clicked down, then drag it down and right, all the way close to the bottom-left corder, and finally release the button of the mouse. You'll see a white rectangle being formed while you drag the mouse. This is your "selection rectangle". You can do a number of things with this selection rectangle, all of which are possible if you click once on it. Go ahead, click once anywhere within the selection rectangle. You'll see a menu popping up, with one of its buttons in the middle saying: "Fill with random cells" and a percentage (50%) right next to it. Click on this button. You'll see the selection rectangle being filled randomly with red cells. Finally, click on the "play" button (), and watch what happens to your randomly filled rectangle.

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