Harry Foundalis

The following information is personal.
I mean, very personal. Look:
  • I was born in the 20th century in an even year, multiple of a prime number larger than 100 and smaller than 150. I never lived contemporaneously with Einstein.

  • The number of letters of the month (in English) that I was born in is a prime.

  • If you subtract 1 from the day of the month I was born on you get a prime number, from which if you subtract x and then multiply the result by the same x, you get how many days the month of my birth has, while x is an odd prime and a divisor of the year I was born in.

I used to offer “100$” to those who would tell me my year, month, and day of birth. Later I realized that many people could not see through the joke (you know, 100 $’s), and were sincerely asking for $100. So I removed the silly bait. Still, if you do take the time to solve the puzzle before contacting me (assuming it is within your abilities), I will appreciate it.

For my email address, click here.

You have been warned, more personal details follow. (Don’t even think of clicking on those links!)

I was born in Edessa, a small town in Macedonia, which, as all of you know, is a region of northern Greece.
I speak Greek (fairly well), and English (passably).
I have no religion, no profession, no income, no expectations. But I do have wonderful children.

I studied at the computer science department of Indiana University at Bloomington, Indiana, U.S.A. My research has been in cognitive science; specifically, in visual pattern recognition, and the Bongard Problems. But I think my life would be very dull if I didn’t have the chance to learn also about astronomy, biology (and creationism), classic literature, cognition, geology, language, math, philosophy, physics, religion, as well as about some social issues.

Post Scriptum:

I thought I should repeat once more that I worked on the Bongard problems. Last time I did a web search for “Bongard” I found more than a dozen links to companies having Bongard in their title. Who wants to know about Bongard enterprises! The only interesting Bongard-stuff is the Bongard problems. Of course, if web indexing engines become so smart so as to understand what I am doing here, I will not need to be concerned with Bongard problems anymore: the problem of implementing true human-level intelligence will have been solved. So, gentle reader, follow the link above, and have a nice Bongard-solving day.

er... -Harry.

Created: 6/9/9122
Last modified: 3/14/1592