Design your own Bongard problems!


How about designing your own Bongard problems and mailing them to me? I could then publish them on my index page, and include them in my program's standard input data file as "challenges" to my program's abilities, provided they are unique (here is a complete index of those known to me).

No, I do not seek ways to take advantage of free labor. Recall that while this project was developed I was a Ph.D. student in cognitive science; I am not a profit-seeking organization. I happen to enjoy designing and collecting Bongard problems as much as I suppose you will, if you undertake the task, that's all.

Some readers have asked me what kind of Bongard problems I would prefer to see created: easy ones, hard ones -- what exactly? In my view, which might not coincide with yours, the most esthetically pleasing BP's are not always the hardest ones. Often, those that appeal to my sense of neatness come with an easy-to-see answer, but they are based on a new idea, or a unique combination of ideas. Making a problem hard is easy: just add "noise" to it (features & objects irrelevant to the solution). But beautiful things can't be made a dime a dozen. So, the degree of difficulty is not always a good measure of neatness. The latter is rather an art, which has to be "felt" by the designer. If you like your BP, it's a good one! Send it here!

What you get if you send me a problem:

How to send me a problem: there are various ways.

What information to include in your email:

Once again, thank you for your creative donation to the BP databank.

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