Index of Mammals

This is the subset of our general index of the Foundalis Zoo that includes just the mammals.

A check-mark in column "Classified" means the species can be found through our graphical classification. Else, we do not know exactly where it belongs, or did not have the time to construct those areas of our zoo, yet.

All of our pictures are copyrighted by the curator. Any use for commercial purposes without the consent of the copyright-holder is prohibited. Feel free to use our pictures for educational purposes.

Common Name Our Picture Sound Classified Date entered
Aardvark   2005, Aug
Addax   2007, Dec
Alpaca   2005, Aug
Anoa, Lowland   2008, Jan
Anteater, Giant 2003, Oct
Antelope, Sable, and Roan   2008, Jan
Bears: Brown, Polar, Black,
Spectacled, Sloth, Sun, Asiatic Black,
and Giant Panda

2003, Feb
Bison: American, European, and Indian   2005, Nov
2002, Mar
Bongo Antelope   2002, Mar
Bontebok   2008, Mar
Buffalo: American, and Forest
(see also Bison)
  2005, Aug
Bull, domestic cattle   2002, Jan
Camel: Bactrian, and Dromedary   2000, May
Capybara   2003, Oct
Caracal   2002, Sep
Cats: Pallas’ cat   2002, Sep
Cheetah   2002, Aug
Chimpanzee, Common,
and Pygmy (bonobo)
2003, Sep
Dik-dik, Kirk’s   2008, Feb
Dingo   2008, May
Dog, Domestic, and African Wild   2008, May
Dolphin, Common Bottlenose   2000, Dec
Donkey, Wild Ass 2000, Dec
Drill   2011, Apr
Duikers: Zebra, and Red-flanked   2008, Jan
Echidna, short-beaked   2007, Aug
Elands: Giant and Common   2003, Mar
Elephant, African and Indian 1999, Apr
Fox, Arctic, Fennec, Corsac, and Gray   2008, May
Gaur or Seladang   2011, Apr
Gazelles: Dama, Dorcas, Speke’s,
and Soemmerring’s
  2008, Feb
Gemsbok   2008, Jan
Gerenuk   2008, Feb
Gibbon, White-handed,
and White-cheeked
1999, Aug,
2001, Jun
Giraffe   1999, Aug
Goats: Wild and Domestic   2008, Jan
Goral, Gray   2008, Jan
Gorilla 1999, Apr
Guanaco   2002, Mar
Hippo, Common, and Pygmy 2004, Jun
Horse 1999, Jul
Human, Sino-Grecian 1999, Apr
Ibex: Alpine, Siberian, and Spanish   2008, Jan
Impala   2008, Jan
Jackal, Black-backed   2008, May
Jaguar   2002, Jul
Jaguarundi   2011, Mar
Kangaroo, Eastern Grey   2000, Jul
Kiang   2011, Apr
Klipspringer   2008, Feb
Koala   2003, Jan
Kudu, Greater and Lesser   2008, Mar
Lechwe   2008, Jan
Leopard 2000, May
Lion 2000, May
Llama   2002, Mar
Lynx: Canadian and Eurasian   2000, Jul
Mandrills: Mandrill, and Drill   2003, Jan
2011, Apr
Meerkat   2003, Mar
Mouse Deer: Malay, Lesser & Greater   2008, Mar
Muskox   2008, Jan
Nyala   2010, Dec
Okapi   2002, Dec
Onager   2011, Jul
Orangutan   1999, Jul
Oryxes: Arabian, Scimitar-horned,
and Gemsbok
  2008, Jan
Panda, Giant and Red   2002, Nov
Platypus 2007, Jun
Porcupine, Canadian   1999, Jul
Puma, or Cougar   2002, Aug
Rhinoceros: Black, White, Sumatran,
Indian, and Javan

2003, Feb
Sea Lion, Californian   1999, Aug
Serow, Japanese   2008, Jan
Serval   2002, Aug
Sheep: Domestic, Barbary, Dall’s, and
  2008, Jan
Siamang 2001, Jun
Sitatunga   2007, Dec
Sloth, Two-toed   2003, Oct
Snow Leopard   2002, Sep
Squirrel, Striped Gopher     2000, May
Suni   2008, Feb
Takin   2008, Jan
Tapirs: Asian, Baird’s, Brazilian   1999, May
Tiger, and Siberian subspecies 2000, May
Vicuņa   2005, Aug
Walrus   2002, Jul
Waterbuck   2008, Mar
Wolf, Gray and Maned   2008, May
Wild Ass 2008, Dec
Yak   2002, Jan
Zebra, Plains, Mountain,
and Grevy’s
1999, Aug

Last Update: 12/10/11

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